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REMnux: A Linux Toolkit for Malware Analysts

REMnux® is a Linux toolkit for reverse-engineering or otherwise examining malicious software. It provides a curated collection of free tools created by the community. Malware analysts can start using them without having to find, install, and configure them.

The current version of REMnux (v6) is based on Ubuntu 14.04. A new version of REMnux (v7), captured in some of the screenshots below, is based on Ubuntu 18.04. It will be released soon.

REMnux keyboard and mouse image

Get the REMnux Distro

Download the REMnux VM

Download the REMnux VM

The simplest way to get the REMnux distro is to download the REMnux virtual machine in the OVA format, then import it into your favorite hypervisor. The virtual appliance file is around 2GB in size.


Add REMnux to a System

You can add the REMnux distro to an existing system running a compatible version of Ubuntu. To do this, run the REMnux installer on the system.

Add REMnux to a System
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The REMnux project also offers Docker images of popular malware analysis tools, making it possible to run the applications without having to install them directly on the underlying system.



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For details about installing, using, and contributing to REMnux, as well as for information about the tools included in the toolkit, please see the REMnux documentation site.