Contribute Your Expertise

REMnux® is maintained by Lenny Zeltser with extensive help from David Westcott. We could use your assistance! There are several ways in which you can also contribute to the project.


Help create brief reference notes about the tools installed on the REMnux distro.

Pick a tool installed on REMnux, then confirm that it doesn’t already have a page in the “tools” directory of the REMnux docs repo. Next, write a reference note about the tool by using the documentation template as a starting point. The page doesn’t need to be a comprehensive document; instead, it should be a reference that helps REMnux users start using the tool. The note should be formatted according to the easy-to-use Markdown syntax. Once you’re done, send your doc to Lenny and David via distro at remnux dot org.

Another way to contribute documentation to REMnux is to write a full article that explains how to use one of the tools installed on REMnux and send the link to distro at remnux dot org, so it can be listed in the Using REMunux and Its Tools section of the site.

Dockerfile Configurations

You can also contribute to the REMnux project by creating Dockerfile configs for building Docker images of malware analysis applications that are not yet present in the REMnux Docker image collection. If you are new to Docker, you can learn how to distribute and run apps inside containers and how to build your own images. Once you have built and tested your Dockerfile, share it with Lenny Zeltser.

Issues and Fixes

If you come across problems with tools available as part of REMnux, specially if you have suggestions for correcting the issues, please log them on the REMnux distro repository or Dockerfile repository on Github. You can also email Lenny Zeltser.