You can import and run the REMnux® virtual appliance using your favorite hosting platform, be it in a private virtualized environment or a public cloud. Below is one approach for easily spinning up a REMnux virtual appliance on AWS or Google cloud infrastructure.

REMnux Virtual Appliance in the Ravello Environment

Ravello Systems offers a convenient way of running a preconfigured virtualized application on AWS or Google cloud infrastructure. You can use the official REMnux blueprint, published in the Ravello repository, to quickly spin up a REMnux virtual appliance in a public cloud. This involves creating a Ravello account and simply clicking a few buttons to launch REMnux. It’s quite convenient.

When doing this, you will be paying for the resources you consume while running the virtual appliance, proportionately to your usage. As of this writing, Ravello charges $0.31 per hour for a baseline REMnux system. (Note that beyond publishing the REMnux virtual appliance blueprint, the REMnux project has no affiliation with Ravello and doesn’t receive any funds when REMnux runs there.)

First, create a Ravello account. Then, visit the REMnux blueprint page, click the “Add to Library” button and follow prompts to create a copy of the blueprint in your private Ravello library. After opening your copy of the REMnux blueprint, click the “Create Application” button and follow prompts.

After creating your REMnux application in the Ravello system, modify its configuration if you wish, or just go with the default settings. Then click the Publish button to launch the virtual appliances, tweaking the parameters according to your needs. Then wait 10-15 minutes for the virtual appliance to start.

Publish REMnux Application on Ravello

Once the REMnux virtual appliance is running, you can interact with its desktop by going to the “Canvas” tab in Ravello. After launching the application for the first time, run the update-remnux full command to get the latest packages and tweaks.

By default, the virtual appliance’s disk state will persist even after you shut down the virtual appliance.

REMnux Application Running on Ravello

The REMnux blueprint inthe Ravello repo is configured to use 1 CPU, 8GB RAM and 14GB storage to optimize resource utilization while keeping costs low if you’re running a single REMnux virtual appliance as part of the application. Also, the blueprint requests a publicly-accessible IP address and allows your REMnux virtual appliance to be reachable on TCP ports 22, 25, 80 and 443. You might want to tweak these settings based on your needs. Ravello lets you add other VMs to the environment and tweak many network parameters.

Running REMnux in Other Cloud Environments

If you’d like to share tips regarding easily running REMnux in other cloud environments, please send a note to Lenny Zeltser.